Tax Law is a branch of public law and it is an attribute of an organized political society. As important sources of public revenue, taxes are very critical part of the daily functioning of a government and are portions of private wealth, collected from tax payers by the State for the purpose of meeting the expenditure necessary to carrying out the operations of government. However, any corporate entity that feels tax rights are jeopardized, can appeal the case before the competent organ in the Ethiopian jurisdiction. Appeal is a constitutional right in Ethiopia as far as made in accordance with the law; and the tax system is not exception to this rule. Accordingly, a tax payer corporate entity, which is aggrieved by the decision of tax authorities, has a right to lodge complaints to a competent organ empowered to hear such application. Metassebia Hailu & Associates Law Offices has a remarkable record in this area by successfully representing high profile corporate tax cases of corporate entities in Ethiopia that worth close to 100 million birr and above, which are the biggest court case records so far.

With having competent staffs with law and finance background and provide counseling and representation services to our clients. Our services use both pro-active and reactive approaches to all potential tax disputes in an effort to successfully represent our clients. Our tax related service includes but not limited to

  • Corporate tax Cases
  • Mining tax Cases
  • VAT Cases
  • Capital Gain Tax Cases
  • Stamp Duty Cases
  • Excise Tax Cases
  • Duty & Customs related Cases, and
  • Any other matters directly or indirectly related to taxation