Young Lawyers Initiative assists young Ethiopian students who are studying law as a profession and as well as legal practitioners who are junior or have no experience on the field at all. MLG provide different value propositions in the initiative to let the young lawyers benefit.

Access for the BLIND Initiative provide a legal support to the blind on policies, regulations, procedures, proclamations, and on all legal frameworks. The initiative also advocates and stand with the blind. It also give prior knowledge to all stakeholders to respect and implement the right to access for the blind.

Enabling the START-UPS Initiative gives a legal and related support and assistance to entreprenuers, innovators, job creators, etc who have a good idea to work but have no knowledge on the legal requirments they should fulfill. The initiative facilitates different platforms to the start-up owners, managers, leaders as well as employees to let them equip and be aware on the legal framework.


Metassebia Law Group LLP [MLG] is discharging its obligation through Pro Bono works all the time.

Pro Bono is a term that comes from the Latin Phrase “pro bono publico”, which means ‘for the public good”.

Pro Bono work is commonly associated with the legal profession, where lawyers offer their services without charge to individuals, groups or organizations who cannot afford to pay for legal assistance.

Beside the legal obligations and engagements on performing Pro Bono works and cases assigned from the court, Metassebia Law Group LLP [MLG] believes positively and engaged in its own program by establishing different initiatives in order to assist different individuals, groups and organizations.

Accordingly, Metassebia Law Group LLP [MLG] announced three initiatives which the firm focuses and stand to implement with potential local and international partners through the current and coming years ahead.

The initiatives are:

A) Young Lawyers Initiative

B) Access for the BLIND Initiative

C) Enabling the START-UPS Initiative

Metassebia Law Group LLP [MLG] warmly welcomes all potential partners to work with the firm on the above initatives.