MLG Announced Five (5) New Initiatives

Metassebia Law Group LLP (MLG) introduced five (5) new initiatives to be addressed by the law firm for the time ahead. The law firm strongly believes that it will make a heavy impact on the policy makers, implementers, and the society as a whole through the initiatives.

The five (5) impact areas of the initiatives are selected through due anlysis, assessment, and the vast experience of the MLG team. The MLG make a soft launch on these initiatives and soon will make great move with the existing and potential partners of the firm.

The five (5) initiatives of MLG are the following:

Young Lawyers Initiative assists young Ethiopian students who are studying law as a profession and as well as legal practitioners who are junior or have no experience on the field at all. MLG provide different value propositions in the initiative to let the young lawyers benefit

Access for the BLIND Initiative provide a legal support to the blind on policies, regulations, procedures, proclamations, and on all legal frameworks. The initiative also advocates and stand with the blind. It also give prior knowledge to all stakeholders to respect and implement the right to access for the blind

Enabling the START-UPS Initiative gives a legal and related support and assistance to entreprenuers, innovators, job creators, etc who have a good idea to work but have no knowledge on the legal requirments they should fulfill. The initiative facilitates different platforms to the start-up owners, managers, leaders as well as employees to let them equip and be aware on the legal framework.

Law on MIgration Initiative (LOMI) focuses on different laws with regard to migration and tries to uploud the untouched topics with regard to migration.

African Studies Initiative (ASI) deals with issues like art, culture, social interactions, customery laws, traditions, music, literature, wisdom, theatre, religious and related topics which are part and parcel of Africa and its parts. The initiative ignites and puts forward all the African thoughts and staged forward to be discussed, researched, and to be used in this regard.

MLG Communications Team