“Ethiopian Gold Mining Industry Revisited In New Book” by Emmanuel Chilamphuma

Regardless of the long history in mining operations, Ethiopia’s macroeconomy has not yet fully enjoyed the benefits from its mining sector.

To date, the Ethiopian economy is highly reliable on agriculture even considering that the mining sector has got policy attention from the government.
The government’s aspiration is to increase mining revenue to one-tenth of Ethiopia’s GDP. Currently, the sector’s contribution is still lower than the vision.

Furthermore, the sector had also minimum attention from the writers and scholars that could analyze these and other related critical economic extractive industry investments. Despite all these situations, a new research-based book is being introduced and published under the title of “Gold Mining in Ethiopia: Tripartite Interest and Contest”. The book was written by FurtherAfrica long-time contributor and columnist Mr. Metassebia Hailu Zeleke, a prominent Lawyer in Ethiopia. Mr. Zeleke is also known for his role as Board Chairperson of Ethiopian Lawyers for Human Rights.

Metassebia Hailu Zeleke

The book brings to light new questions that need to be asked regarding mining in Ethiopia. Mr. Zeleke claims that the Ethiopian mining policy framework shall be examined since the challenges and opportunities of large-scale private gold mine investments should be identified and re-defined. The book has an in-depth focus on policies, the legal and institutional frameworks of large-scale private gold mine investments in Ethiopia. It also visits the large-scale mining investment engagements and their challenges and opportunities.

The book brings private investment to the center stage and attempts to identify the opportunities and challenges of large-scale private gold mine investments in Ethiopia by identifying the existence of the tripartite arrangement between the private sector (investors), the government and the community (citizens).

Finally, the book points to possible policy implementation gaps and mitigation options in connection with large-scale private gold mine investments in Ethiopia. As a result, the book arrives at very interesting conclusions regarding the institutional tripartite policy framework of stakeholders that addresses the problem of large-scale gold mining in Ethiopia.

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