MLG Launches New Editorial Policy for ‘Insight’ Magazine, Empowering Young Lawyers

2024-06-28, [Addis Ababa, Ethiopia] – In a move to amplify the voices of aspiring young legal professionals, MLG has announced the launch of its revamped Editorial Policy for ‘Insight‘, the firm’s online magazine.

The new policy is part of MLG’s flagship initiative, the ‘Young Lawyers Initiative (YLI)‘, which aims to provide a platform for law students and young attorneys to share their insights, research, and perspectives on pressing legal issues.

We believe that the future of the legal profession lies in the hands of the next generation of lawyers,” said Metassebia Hailu, the Managing Partner of Metassebia Law Group LLP (MLG). “With this new editorial policy, we’re excited to give aspiring legal minds a chance to showcase their talents and contribute to the ongoing discourse in the legal community.

Under the updated Editorial Policy and guidelines, the ‘Insight‘ online magazine will be open to submissions from law students at different Universities, as well as fellows of the YLI program. The articles will cover a wide range of topics, including legal analysis, industry trends, ethical considerations, and innovative approaches to the existing legal practice. “Its an instrumental platform encouraging young legal aficionados to hone their writing in a simulated scholarly environment sans burdensome restrictions on self-expression,” said Danat Feleke, law student at the Addis Ababa University and active participant in the YLI fellowship program.

The mission of Insight Online Magazine is to promote practical and scholarly discourse and contribute to the advancement of legal knowledge among the community members of the Young Lawyers Initiative and beyond by publishing online original opinions and commentaries on various legal topics. As Nigus Sintayehu, law student at AAU and a YLI Fellow, stated: “Insight online magazine enables law students and professionals to share legal opinions and enhance their writing skills, while the editorial policy ensures uniform structure, aligns with international standards, and maintains high-quality written texts.”.

The Insight online magazine is a unique platform that facilitates an opportunity to the law students to expose their effort to the large legal community in the industry. The editorial board is composed of senior MLG attorneys, industry experts, and the YLI Fellows. The editorial board members will work closely with the contributors to ensure the highest standards of quality and relevance.

Yishak Baraki, another YLI Fellow and law student at AAU, explained the importance of the portal and the timely launch of the Editorial Policy. He noted that “Insight Online Magazine and its editorial policy ensure high standards and reliable content which are crucial for law students education and young lawyers growth. The online magazine fosters a scholarly environment, enhancing legal writing, critical thinking skills, and maintaining quality and consistency in legal discourse.”

Apart from empowering students and enhancing thier academic and professional profiles, writing articles allows law students to explore legal topics in-depth and to exhibit their expertise to others.

“The ‘Insight‘ online magazine provides a platform for law students in Universities to share their unique perspectives and ideas, and to engage with established legal professionals in meaningful dialogue. It’s also an incredible opportunity for young lawyers to have their voices heard. With this, we’re thrilled to see the level of enthusiasm and talent among the young lawyers in our community,” Metassebia argued. “By investing in their growth and development, we’re not only strengthening the legal profession but also positioning MLG at the forefront of innovation and thought leadership in the legal field.”

For more information about the Editorial Policy of the ‘Insight’ online magazine under the Young Lawyers Initiative, please visit the MLG Law Firm website at:

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